windows: crashes after updating series

ripuli, 21 days ago

MediaElch version: 2.4.2

Operating system: windows 10 64 bit

Used scraper, exact search title you used, settings (language): imdb, language: german

Filenames and folder structures: example: X:\Serien Kinder\Shaun das Schaf\Staffel 1


when I start the program it works normally. I can change the settings. as soon as the series are updated, the program crashes. Is it possible to set Mediaelch to factory settings? how can I reset the database?


Many Thanks

  • archer96, 21 days ago

    Wow, I can reproduce this (on Windows 8.1)

    Screenshot (German):

    I don't see any workaround for now.
    This is a serious bug and has to be fixed in a future version. I will look into this if I've got time (maybe next week).

  • ripuli, 21 days ago

    TVDB seems to be down. could this be the reason? 503 Service Unavailable

    2018-02-25, 8:20 pm

  • archer96, 21 days ago

    No, the error occurred while was online.
    Only if I select a TV show, MediaElch crashes. As long as I do not select anything, MediaElch won't crash. And as long as is down, nothing will be listed to select laugh

    (At least that's what I think. Haven't debugged this, yet.)

  • ripuli, 20 days ago

    Today Mediaelch works again. just as stable as the day before yesterday. is back again

  • archer96, 19 days ago

    Great to hear that smiley

  • archer96, 19 days ago

    Just for reference (for fixing this bug at a later time). The crash is caused by floating point exceptions.

    Setting the network timeout to e.g. 1ms (so that we always get a timeout), MediaElch crashes. See

    There are many places where a FPE happens, e.g.

  • ripuli, 15 days ago

    and again...

    TVDB seems to be down and Mediaelch crashes 503 Service Unavailable

  • archer96, 13 days ago

    PR 377 should fix this (hopefully) :-)