v2.4.3-dev: only first two and last selected episodes during a multi-scrape receive a thumbnail

Donator heldchen, 535 days ago

steps to reproduce:

1. aquire a season of a series. in the following example: 10 new episodes, make sure none of the episodes have any metadata (info, pics) - just the video files.

2. select all 10 episodes and start a multi scrape, ensure at least the following options are checked:

  • Title
  • Episode Thumbnail
  • Automatically save each tv show/episode after scraping
  • Update only tv shows/episodes with TheTVDB ID

3. start the scrape


expected result

1. all episodes have been scraped and were saved

2. all episodes have a thumbnail


actual result:

1. all episodes have been scraped and were saved

2. only episode 01, 02 and 10 have a thumbnail


now select episode 03, 04, ... 09 and start another multi-scrape, using the same settings as before. as a result, episode 03, 04 and 09 now have the thumbnail, but episode 05, 06, 07, 08 still do not.

now select episode 05, 06, 07 and start aother multi-scrape. the three episodes will all have a thumbnail now.

it seems to me that only the first two and the last one of the selected episodes during a multi-scrape will receive a thumb, no matter how many episodes are selected for scraping.