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I suppose we should use the same word in both places.


My suggestions:

"Nome" or "Título" = Neither.
In Portuguese: "Título Local"
In English: "Local Title"
The title used in your country, in your location. Localized.

"Tagline" or "Linha de Tag" = Tagline.
The same as in English.
The correct translation into Portuguese would "Subtítulo" or "Subtitle".
Is bad. Confused with movie subtitles.

"Nota" or "Classificação" = Neither.
In Portuguese use "Rating". The same as in English.
The correct thing "Classificação".
But... it's the same word sometimes used in Portuguese for the division by age of movies,

such as the MPAA.
Then I suggest keeping Rating. It is an English term well known in Brazil.
Or "Stars", that are like most of the interfaces shows the vote.
Or, in last place, "Nota". But do not think the best solution.
Nota or Note is what a person gives or attaches to the film.
Classificação or Rating is the mathematical average of the notes.

"Escritor" ou "Roteirista" = "Roteirista"
Escritor is the person who writes the book.
Roteirista is the person who writes the screenplay.

"Classificação Indicativa" or "Certificação" = Neither.
In my country there is a government organ responsible for issuing the "Certificado de

Classificação Indicativa" or Certificate of Classification Advisories.
Very bureaucratic. Judicial system language.

Most countries make a classification based on Age.
See page in wikipedia.
So it seems to me that the best word in Portuguese is "Idade" or in English "Age".
Colloquially people ask: This movie is for what age?

"Atores" or "Elenco" = Elenco
Cast in English
The word used to define a group of actors and actresses is cast.
The word cast translated into the Portuguese language is "Elenco".
Just like in IMDB.

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    Komet, 890 days ago

    Feeling free to join the translation team! :)

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    ticao2, 643 days ago

    After a long, long time, I had the courage to do almost all the modifications I suggested above, in Transifex site.
    The only difference is that "Certification" in some places translate to Classificação and elsewhere for Classificação Indicativa.
    I hope I have not done anything stupid, no nonsense.
    I think I can only see the result when you leave the new version.


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    ticao2, 628 days ago


    Fix 3 items that I translated wrong.
    I took advantage and did some other fixes.
    Concordance verbal, singular and plural, style (upper and lower) and standardization.

    I got 2 questions:

    1 - CD Art or Disc Art?

    2 - Overview is used as a synonym of Plot / Outline?