Universal Music Scraper Seems Broken

bebop, 144 days ago

EDIT: I see the changelog shows:

Changelog of MediaElch version 2.4.2

Bugfix UniversalMusicScraper broken


Sorry I missed that (NoScript was initially blocking parts of the page). I'm guessing you're working to fix this for 2.4.3?


Original post

This program is fantastic for movies and TV shows, but working with music seems largely broken; trying to scrape doesn't work, ditto trying to acquire thumbs/fanart/logos as well.

  • Mediaelch Version: 2.42-2
  • Operating System: Arch Linux (kernel 4.13.3-1)
  • Used scraper, exact search title you used: Universal Music Scraper and also getting thumbs/fanart etc. from Fanart.tv Music appear broken. I've tried setting prefer to different scrapers in the options menu, lookup by artist id, and shutting down my firewall. I've tried searching every band from Beethoven, to Pink Floyd, to Acid King, and it doesn't seem to do anything. TV/Movie scrapers work great though.
  • Language: English
  • Filenames and folder structure: Media/Music/ArtistName/Album/Track. for example: /Media/Music/Pink Floyd/Animals/02 Dogs.mp3

Thank you for your time.

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    olarf, 29 days ago

    Any update ? it still don't work :(