Unable to Launch Program: Procedure Entry Point Could Not Be Located in the Dynamic Library

Donator Aleximius, 119 days ago

Hello! I'm having issues launching the nightly builds of MediaElch. I have the stable version on the computer as well and that launches with no issue. However, when I try to launch the nightly builds, I am coming accross this error:

The procedure entry point _ZNSt7_cxx1112basic_string/wSt11char_traitslwESalwEE6resizeEjw could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Users\John\Downloads\MediaElch-win-2017-11-09-09-59\MediaElch\MediaElch.exe

Can someone please tell me how to get around this error? Thank you!

EDIT: Sorry! I just realized there was another place to post errors. Also, the error is only occuring on the past two versions. I am not having that error on theĀ MediaElch-win-2017-08-11_10-03 build.