"The next big thing"

Admin Komet, 845 days ago

If you think there's a must have feature missing in the poll please tell me your ideas here.

  • spong_miester, 410 days ago

    The ability to use different music scrapers would be amazing, along the lines of what you can do for movies, eg. different scraper for album, artist, bio etc..


    ps how do you access the donator perks have set up a month donation through paypal

  • Agarnele, 405 days ago

    Media Stubs creation
  • Araldwenn, 344 days ago

    A feature that could be implemented is download of subtitles for TV shows on Addic7ed, or other sites like this one.

  • macpowered, 66 days ago


    It would be great to have the possibility to add section. For example, Cartoons, Manga, TV, etc... Not tag but section