"The next big thing"

Admin Komet, 846 days ago

If you think there's a must have feature missing in the poll please tell me your ideas here.

  • Subfighter, 843 days ago

    I am not sure if that is a big thing or just a feature request sorry if I am messing things up. Currently I am not interested in any of your suggestions. :) I am using it only for Movies and Series and populating Kodi through nfo Files. This makes me independent from Kodi DB (especially as I use multiple Kodi instnaces on different systems each having there own DB as I am not using a MySQL DB)

    How about supporting Anime? The main issue is that there is no allocation to a Season.

    What I like is, that MediaElch still findes all Episodes despite the numbering from 1-xx without have a Season in the File/Folder Name.   Of course it can't allocate the episodes correctly to the way TheTVDB has those sorted, but that can be done manually. Unfortunately not beeing able to select all Episodes and marking them as Season 1 or 2 and "auto-renumbering" the seasons is time consuming. But since renaming the files is currently not an option this is my only way of feeding Kodi and having easy control over Genre and Arts.

    On the long rong maybe a scrapper linked to AnimeDB would even get rid of that.

    Thanks for the good work. I really enjoy using MediaElch.


  • Donator

    beesmyer, 842 days ago

    There's several good options for movie/show library handling. But ME is in a class by itself when it comes to music and Music Videos. Thus I would like to improve it's music and music video capability. If it could do some of what Musicbrainz Picard does I would love it.. Build tags/nfo/artwork all at same time.

  • Admin

    Komet, 842 days ago

    @beesmyer: That's the first point of the poll "Music file tagging and renaming" ;) (not exactly but that is what I had in mind)

  • Donator

    beesmyer, 842 days ago

    Thanks. I voted. Just misread it at first. 

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    beesmyer, 839 days ago

    I would love to see support for music videos. The "concerts" management is very close to what it could be.

  • ludi, 832 days ago

    I am always wondering whether music videos means a video with only one song or a complete concert.

    That said, I am already using the Concerts section of MediaElch for 1 song Music videos. However, the sorting in the Concert area based on title is not very helpful; a sorting according to artists would be better. There is already a post in the Request for Feature section of this forum about it that I filed quite some time ago.

    Moreover, since it is easy to cut a whole concert with mkvtoolnix into single songs by using the chaptering in the concerts, it would also be good if album and track numbers were supported. There is also a request about this in the Request for features section.

    Thanks again for the already helpful MediaElch tool.

  • tjacky, 805 days ago

    Hi! First of all: REALLY GREAT TOOL!

    One thing I'm missing is a function that scrapes subtitles in a preferred language (for me: german). I would be great if this could be implementet!

  • MDJCM, 803 days ago

    I use Plex more than Kodi. So I didn't find your 3 poll options that interesting. But I really like MediaElch

  • Sabre78, 420 days ago

    be nice if the shows episodes were color coordnated were watched shows are like light blue and unwatched shows are another color white or something.

  • Donator

    Anselm, 416 days ago

    A possibility/api to write own scrapers.