State of this project?

archer96, 51 days ago

I'd really like to contribute to this project but first I want to know the state of this project. :-)

There are currently two pull request ( ) that have neither been merged nor have received any comments.

If I create a new pull request I'd like to get at least a comment.



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    ticao2, 49 days ago

    I would very much like you to receive a good response, a positive response.
    I really like MediaElch.
    Unfortunately, it seems that Komet is not taking time to devote to it.
    There are things to correct that, I think, are simple.
    The TMDb Scraper for example. There have been many changes in the API.
    Apparently, the API documentation is clear, but unfortunately I do not understand programming at all.
    I even thought of an extra interface, like a MediaCenter, but aimed at lay people, newbies.
    Without the thousands of options of a Kodi.
    For my 68 year old brother, who does not understand much about computer. But love movies.
    Let's wait for some good news.

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    ticao2, 49 days ago

    There is an email to contact:
    Perhaps it is a more effective form of contact.

  • archer96, 44 days ago

    I've sent them an email. :-)

  • archer96, 29 days ago

    No answer, yet.
    Still hoping to get a reponse. :)

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    ticao2, 21 days ago

    I think you had an answer. Great.
    I look forward to the changes and updates.

  • archer96, 21 days ago

    Yes, Daniel replied to my mail yesterday. He doesn't have that much time for this project right now but its definitely not dead :-)

    He already merged my pull-requests. For now I only submitted some code-cleanup, removed an outdated scraper, etc.
    I will look into some bugs (that were metioned here) after I'm familiar with the code basis.

    I'm really thankful for this awesome project. laugh