Set UI language in settings dialog

Donator archer96, 16 days ago

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MediaElch uses the system locale to set the UI language. I would be nice to be able to change it in the settings dialog.

Reason: My system's language is english but I would like to have the UI in German. :-)

I haven't found a way to change this, yet.

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    ticao2, 15 days ago

    The conversation was intense and heated.
    Look here:

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    archer96, 15 days ago

    Oh, I haven't seen that thread. (This forum needs a search function)

    Feel free to open a pull request on Github which adds another configure option to make people having manually select their language. - Komet

    Ok, that was I wanted to do to begin with. This thread is just a reminder for me. :-)

    On OSX and Linux I don't have a single application with a separate language chooser. - Komet

    I'm also using Linux as my default OS but I have seen this quite a few times. LibreOffice is one of those applications.


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    ticao2, 15 days ago

    Maybe, just maybe

    File main.cpp, line 67

    Qt localization
        QTranslator qtTranslator;
        qtTranslator.load(":/i18n/qt_" + QLocale::system().name());