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ludi, 702 days ago

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First of all, thanks again for making the great MediaElch tool available and for continuing to improve it. It has become quite a useful tool. There is however a feature I am still missing: the possibility to set the language information for each imported folder.

In fact, I am sorting my movies into separate folders according to to their audio language. When scraping movies, I am continuously editing the language information in the scraper settings to have it match the audio language of the movie, because I would like the movie information to be in the same language as the audio language.

A simple way to add such a feature might be a language popup next to each imported folder in the global section to identify the language to use for the movies in the corresponding folder. That language would than override all the language information in the scraper settings. An additional menu item labeled "scraper language" would indicate to use the language settings configured in the Scraper section of the Settings.

Of course, this is only a quick suggestion; you might come up with a better way to implement such a feature.

In any case, thanks for looking at this.

Have a nice day.

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    ticao2, 701 days ago

    I suggest you use the MediaElch in "Portable Mode"

    I have or use 5 versions or facilities:

    1 For I am converting and torrent.
    1 For what did not think Legend
    2 for finished films. All OK.
    1 for documentaries, concerts, series and mini-series. All OK.

    You can have one for each language.

  • ludi, 695 days ago

    Thanks ticao2 for your suggestion. However, it seems that the portable mode is only available on windows, but I am using linux.