OSX Version crashes

docsuess84, 27 days ago

I've had a problem where the ap will crash randomly while in the process of scraping files. I'm not sure what information from the report is useful, but I love MediaElch and want to keep using it. 

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    ticao2, 27 days ago

    Please sir, inform

    OS (Windows 7, Win 10, OSX, Linux etc...)

    MediaElch version

    And see here if is the same


  • docsuess84, 27 days ago

    I'm using OSX El Capitan. 

  • docsuess84, 27 days ago

    Sorry and MediaElch version 2.4.2

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    ticao2, 26 days ago

    I am not an OSX user.
    I use Win 7 + MediaElch 2.4.3 (Portable Mode).
    So my help can only be small.
    But other OSX users can help.
    And for that, you'd better give more information.
    For example, crash when scraper:

    1. Movies?
    2. TV Show (series)?
    3. Using IMDB?
    4. Using TMDb?
    5. Using TVDB?
    6. Using OFDb?

    Any other information that you suspect is relevant.

  • docsuess84, 25 days ago

    It happens during the scraping of TV shows and I primarily use TVDB. I read through that thread that was posted but I wasn’t clear if there is something I can do personally to fix it.

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    ticao2, 25 days ago

    I read here on this site that TVDB showed flaws about 3 weeks ago.
    It seemed to be an intermittent defect.
    And see here, they made or will make a change in the API.


  • docsuess84, 25 days ago

    Got it. Thank you for the explanation.