OSX Nightly Builds?

Donator jord, 321 days ago

The last one is from somewhere 2016. Windows nightlies seem to be coming regularly... Something wrong with the build system?

  • Donator

    batmanraid, 308 days ago

    I suscribe the post. In the last version, 2016, the music scraper soes not work.



  • LordChaos, 264 days ago

    Jep, the music scraper is broken indeed. And I can't find a nightly build for MacOS anywhere.

  • Donator

    ugee, 237 days ago

    I've asked about this a few days ago (500 or so, see here: Nightlies for OS X) and it worked: one (1) cheeky new osx nightly appeared. So maybe that's the way to go: open a feature request, wait a few weeks and once in a year another nightly comes out for MacOs...

    ...or go for another tool. While I've to admit that MediaElch is the best looking of the bunch Mac-wise there are others out there which may do the job... ...some may even run via CrossOver.