Option to ignore parentheses ( ) in album folder names

Donator HomerJAU, 609 days ago

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I've been using MediaElch to grab metadata and art for my music collection. It works well, thank you!

However, I have multiple versions of the same album and I store them in separate album sub-folders under the artist with information in parentheses (brackets) like this for 3 albums:

Artist Name --- Album Name (Original stereo)

                    --- Album Name (5.1 2005)

                    --- Album Name (Quad 1974)

When I scrape the albums MediaElch attempts to find 'Album Name (Original)' which does not exist, of course. I need to remove '(Original') then scrape again. This is painful when I have hundreds of folders named like this.

Can you please add a new user preference to 'Ignore parentheses for Album folder names' yes/no?

If yes then load the search text box with all but the parentheses and its contents and auto search on that. (maybe just strip off everything from the first '(' to end ? )