Optimize for 4K Resolution

Master-Rudi1, 722 days ago


i have a new notebook with an 4k resolution. The most of my programs are optimized for such resolutions. But one of my favourite program MediaElch is not optimized for that. So i have many problems to use it. Is there any update planed in the future to support resolutions like 3840 x 2160?


Thanks a lot for the great work!


  • Admin

    Komet, 722 days ago

    There are no problems with MediaElch on retina displays on OSX. Maybe someone with a Windows device will have a look into this. Pull requests are welcome.

  • Master-Rudi1, 616 days ago

    Any ideas meanwhile? Thanks a lot!

  • jtsongas, 191 days ago

    I know this is from like a year and a half ago but just ran into the problem on my system.

    Right click on the file MediaElch.exe

    Select Properties

    Select the Compatibility tab

    In the Settings section, check "Override high DPI scaling behavior".

    In the dropdown labeled "Scaling performed by", select System.

    Restrart the app and it should look fine now.