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Nightlies for OS X

Donator ugee, 744 days ago

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It would be nice if there'd be nightlies for OS X too. I find it to great a hurdle to set up a MediaElch specific build environment on the Mac. And I hardly know what I do when I type in terminal anyway ... wink 

If that's not going to happen: maybe build instructions / scripts (autogen/configure/make) which would work "out-off-the-gz"? If additional dependencies are to be met, hints what to get from homebrew would be great.  

  • Admin

    Komet, 706 days ago

    Compiling MediaElch itself is not so hard: Install Qt, grab the MediaElch source code, open the project in Qt Creator and build it. It's a little bit harder to compile the dependencies (mediainfo) but I think that's a little bit too much to cover it here. I'm trying to provide nightlies for OSX more often.