Mediaelch can't reach OFDb, so it hangs forever. What can I do?

Halvar, 29 days ago


Mediaelch has helped me a lot with organizing my movies, thank you for this great software!

Now I have run into a problem that I don't know how to solve ...

The problem orrurred when I tried to use OFDb as a scraper to find data on one movie. In the "search results" windows, I selected "OFDb" from the dropdown of scrapers.

Something seems to have changed on the OFDb site, so Mediaelch can't reach it and hangs forever when trying to find data. There doesn't seem to be a timeout for reaching the site in MediaElch or a cancel button, so the only thing I can do to stop ME from trying is to close the "search results" window.

The real problem I have now is that as soon as I try to scrape info for a movie, the window opens again and immediately starts trying to reach ofdb ... and hangs. The scraper dropdown is greyed out so I have no way to change the scraper that MediaElch uses. The consequence is that I can't scrape movies anymore.

How do I get out of this lock? Can I change the default scraper somewhere, like in the registry or in a config file? I'm pretty sure that if I could change the default scraper back to something else, everything would work fine again.



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    ticao2, 29 days ago

    In the folder where the MediaElch.exe file is located, there is a file called MediaElch.ini
    It is a .txt file.
    Open this file in Windows Notepad or Notepad ++.
    Search for:

    CurrentMovieScraper = 4

    Change the value to 0 (Zero).
    Save and close the file.
    I think this should solve.

  • Halvar, 29 days ago

    Strangely, there is no .ini file in that folder (only the .exe and 34 DLLs), but I found the CurrentMovieScraper variable that you mentioned in the Windows registry under


    Changing it from 4 to 0 did in fact solve the problem.

    Thanks a lot!



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    ticao2, 29 days ago

    My apologies, Sir.
    I forgot to use MediaElch in Portable mode.
    For those who install normally, it seems that all the options are in the Registry.
    Excuse me.

  • cfanguy, 24 days ago

    Editing the registry fixed my problem also. Just be sure to close MediaElch first or registry changes will not stay

  • archer96, 22 days ago

    btw, MediaElch queries The server that the query gets redirected to ( is offline.

    Their example search query does not work either: