[KDE] Using Breeze Dark makes MediaElch unusable

archer96, 211 days ago


I'm using LinuxMint with KDE. I've switched to the dark theme "Breeze Dark" which makes MediaElch "complicated to work with". While settings etc look just fine, the main window seems to use custom colors so that global Qt colors aren't used.

Version: 2.4.2 - Talax (+ latest GitHub version compiled with Qt 5.9)
System: Linux Mint 18.1 KDE Edition
KDE-Plasma-Version: 5.8.7
KDE-Frameworks-Version: 5.36.0
Qt-Version: 5.6.1
System: 64-bit

Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ec74szjag7lpgwn/BreezeDark_Mediaelch.png


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