I don't know what this star means in TV shows

MDJCM, 840 days ago

Some of my TV shows have it and others don't. And scraping and updating them doesn't seem to make a difference.

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    Komet, 840 days ago

    It means the show or one of its episodes are unscraped. It's just an indicator where are new items.

  • mammolone, 26 days ago

    Even me, but if I save one of that movies (with star) I loose all the data and images in Kodi library. How can I do?

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    ticao2, 26 days ago

    Please sir, inform:
    Operating System (Windows 10, Win 7, Linux Mint, OSX Leopard, etc ...)
    Version of MediaElch (2.4.0, 2.4.2, 2.4.3, etc ...)
    Windows normal or portable version.

    Problem occurs in: Movies, TV Show (Series), Concerts, Music ...
    When using scraper: IMDB, TMDb, OFDB, TVDB, etc ...

    That is, give us some clue, something that you find relevant to the diagnosis.

    WARNING: Do not use OFDB. It will crash MediaElch.

  • mammolone, 25 days ago

    I use MediaElch v. 2.4.2 on a MacBookPro OSX 10.9.5 but my movie library storage is on 3 HD connected to a MacMini (OSX 10.7.5) where I use Kodi Jarvis.
    I never scraped from MediaElch, the first time I connected MediaElch with my movie library, it recovered all data and images previously scraped by Kodi.
    Then, new movies added and scraped by Kodi, appear with the stars, but if I save them I loose all the data in Kodi related to that movies.

    if you need more info tell me, thank you.

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    ticao2, 24 days ago

    I'm not a Kodi user. And i use Win7 + MediaElch Portable. I can not help much. My help will be small.
    Did you read these instructions?

    I think maybe the problem is the flow of work.
    Usually I think it happens like this:

    1. Adds media to movie folder
    2. Use MediaElch to do the scraper
    3. Synchronize MediaElch with Kodi

    You are doing differently:

    1. Adds media to movie folder
    2. Use Kodi to do Scraper
    3. Add new media in MediaElch

    > but if I save them I loose all the data in Kodi related to that movies
    At that point, after saving and the kodi data disappears, do you ask MediaElch to sync with Kodi?

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    ticao2, 24 days ago


  • mammolone, 9 days ago

    Yes, I ask MediaElch to syncronize but what I understand is the synchronization works in only one way. If I scrape with ME then synchro, the data appear as the scraped in ME, but if I scrape with Kodi then synchro (and there aren't data in ME) so I loose all data.

    Sometimes is useful for me to scrape a title with Kodi then update a fanart with ME, but this doesn't work.

    Even, as the synchro instructions link you posted, if I add one title to synchro queue, then I synchronize, Kodi update a lot of titles in the library (I don't know all or not) and a lot of data changes without my request.

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    archer96, 9 days ago

    The star should only appear if MediaElch can't find the .nfo file. The NFO file contains all information about a movie (title, originalTitle, etc.). If you scrape a new movie (which is indicated by the star) and save it, MediaElch will create such an NFO file. And if you then synchronize it with Kodi, the original NFO file gets overwritten.

    Apparently while synchronizing with Kodi, this NFO file isn't synchronized properly. I haven't tested this myself, but I will if I've got time. :-)