Folder rename moves folders instead of just renaming

chfilm, 663 days ago


I'd like to rename some movie folders, but mediaelch creates a new folder within my falsely named folder wich then has the correct name. So it creates more chaos by adding another correctly named folder within the folder with the wrong name. How can I change this?

  • reno, 569 days ago

    ...same here. MacOS 10.11, MediaElch 2.4.2, root dir at SMB/NFS

    folder structure 


    will become

    ../MyMovie/MyMovie (1999)/MyMovie.avi

    it seems that the 2.4.3 festure "Renamer: Create subdirectories" is set as default in 2.4.2 (without an option to deselect it) - is ist right?

  • Donator

    cblyth, 319 days ago

    Same issue here. Would really like to see this fixed as it doesn't rename the folder, it just creates a new subfolder. 

  • adriantompkins, 262 days ago

    This is not a bug. You don't have "Sep. Folders" ticked on your source.

    I believe this stems from a mistake in an instructional video on YouTube by CourtneyGeekedOut.

    She has her movies organised into folders but then tells us to make sure that the boxes are NOT ticked.

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    cblyth, 262 days ago

    Thanks adriantompkins, I didn't notice that this had been deselected!