folder.jpg im Staffel Ordner

jamstyle, 166 days ago

Guten Morgen,

gibt es die Möglichkeit bei einer Serie im Staffel Ordner automatisiert eine folder.jpg Datei abzulegen?


TV Series
- Star Trek Enterprise
-- Season 01
--- folder.jpg

Danke und Grüße

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    ticao2, 165 days ago

    An image can be saved with 2 different filenames.

    Go to Settings > TV Show

    The last 4 options are for you to set the criteria for file names.
    The default option for Poster is this:

    If you want to save another version of the file, simply add the one you want after a comma. For example:

    season<seasonNumber>-poster.jpg, poster.jpg

    You will be saved two versions of the same file, with different names, that you have determined.

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  • jamstyle, 160 days ago

    Thank you very much, i will try it.

  • jamstyle, 156 days ago

    MediaElch doesn't create a folder.jpg under e.g. TV Series\Colony (2016)\Season 01\folder.jpg

    In the settings i try ==> Season-Poster = folder.jpg

    I get only a folder.jpg in the root dir ==> TV Series\Colony (2016)

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    ticao2, 155 days ago

    Oh, I think now in English I get it.
    You want a Folder.jpg file inside the Season Folder of the TV Show.
    And MediaElch only puts it in the root folder of the TV Show.
    I think it follows Kodi's rules.

    Something must have been lost in the translation from German to Portuguese.

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  • jamstyle, 155 days ago

    right . inside the Season Folder :)