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DreamStatic, 560 days ago

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I find myself being fairly anal about my collection. I often have to go movie by movie to ensure there aren't any without ratings. Or checking to ensure the only have one genre. It would be very handy to be able to search or filter on any bit of data that is present. It would help to quickly narrow down problem items. Also, be handy to show only items missing ID as those are normally the ones I need to update. Thanks for the great app. 

  • vitalis, 559 days ago

    I agree, it would be very nice to extend the fields you can filter to all possible fields. But it would be nice if cannot only filter for a field having a value or not but also some semantic related filter options. For example "rating>=5". In particular i would love to see the audio track languages in the filter options.

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    ticao2, 557 days ago

    I'm not sure of the terms. My language is pt-BR.
    I can not use the terms in English. If anyone can check and report would be good.
    You can not search for Actor Name.
    But you can search several other items.

    Filter Terms ENG

    Enter at least 3 characters (letters or numbers) to come up something.
    Will open Dropdow List with 17 lines/options.
    For more options navigate with the Arrow Keys Down or Up.

    >>>> INFORMATION <<<<

    Filename ABC >>> Start typing something that is in the Path or file name.
    Title ABC >>> Start typing the title.
    IMDB ID tt####### >>> Start typing tt + complete number.

    Set Collection >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Year >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Year ### >>> Start typing the year. Open Dropdow List.
    Director >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Director ABC >>> Start typing the name.
    Certification >>> Open Dropdow List.

    Rating >>> Yes or No
    Trailer >>> Yes or No
    Local Trailer >>> Yes or No
    Watched >>> Yes or No
    Seen >>> Yes or No
    Unwatched >>> Yes or No
    Unseen >>> Yes or No

    >>>> ARTS <<<<
    Poster >>> Yes or No
    Backdrop >>> Yes or No
    Fanart >>> Yes or No
    Thumb >>> Yes or No
    Logo >>> Yes or No
    Clear Art >>> Yes or No
    CD Art >>> Yes or No
    Disc Art >>> Yes or No
    Banner >>> Yes or No

    >>>> EXTENDED <<<<
    Genre >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Genre ABC >>> Start typing Genre.
    Tag >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Tag ABC >>> Start typing the Tag name
    Country >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Country ABC >>> start typing the country.
    Studio >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Studio ABC >>> start typing the studio name

    >>>> ACTORS <<<<
    Actor >>> Yes or No
    Not possible search by Actors Name.

    >>>> EXTRA FANART <<<<
    Extra Fanart >>> Yes or No

    >>>> DETAILS STREAM <<<<
    Stream Details >>> Yes or No
    Resolution >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Format >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Audio >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Channels >>> Open Dropdow List.
    Subtitle >>> Open Dropdow List Yes or No.


    >>>> JUST NO <<<<

    No (No + Space) >>> Open Dropdow List.

    Local Trailer
    Clear Art
    Disc Art
    Extra Fanart
    Stream details
    External Subtitle


  • vitalis, 557 days ago

    That is a nice overview, where did you get that? Did I overlook some documentation or did you write that on your own?

    Beside that I just found Kodi to be able to do some more filtering and/or sorting on your collection as well. Just List your Movie Collection and on the left there are some view options you can slide in and sort by rating for example. That kind of makes the feature request obsolete for me, although it would be nice if MediaElch itself could search for actors and rating ranges too.

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    ticao2, 556 days ago

    Hi vitalis

    I wrote. I did not find information anywhere.
    I'm helping in translation interface to pt-BR.
    I ended up having access to the file generated by Transifex translator.
    And reading the file I found the "FilterWidget" (Line 1297 to 2040), dedicated to research resources.
    So I discovered the search terms in pt-BR. Some I redid translation.
    The terms in English I can not test my interface.
    So if you can test in its interface, and post here what works, it would be good.
    For example, if you enter "NO " (with space), a list of options is shown? How many options?
    In pt-BR appear 23 options.

    translate by Google

  • vitalis, 556 days ago

    Hey ticao2,

    I searched the source files for the FilterWidget-file, I only found FilterWidget.cpp with hard coded filter strings in english, but that file only has about 750 lines not as you mentioned more than 2000 lines.

    When I filter for "no " (with space) i indeed get about 23 options. The other filter keywords you mentioned seem to work too, thats why I asked where you got that list from :) Like I said before, together with the Kodi functions thats all I want for filter and sorting options for now.

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    ticao2, 555 days ago

    Hi vitalis

    If you need, go to:

    Click in your language. Download file.