file rename and move - subtitles

Perkin, 1087 days ago

When renaming and moving files (TV Shows), the subtitle (srt) files aren't moved with the rest (media/nfo/thumb).

They are correctly renamed along with other files, just not moved.

  • T3KN0GH057, 651 days ago

    Would like to request that other supplemental files for the files also be renamed and moved.

    I have extra image, extra subtitles (jpn/eng for anime) & other extra files for some episodes.


    So perhaps renaming could be changed to the following method

    <videofilename><wildcard>.<extension>  RENAME <newvideofilename><wildcard>.<extension>


    And the method for moving files

    <originalpath>\<videofilename><wildcard>.<extension> MOVE <newpath>\<videofilename><wildcard>.<extension>


  • Donator

    wirso, 370 days ago

    jap, bei mir bleiben sie auch liegen - umbenannt, aber nicht verschoben.

    dass weitere additive Files wie jpgs oder nfo-orig gar nicht bearbeitet werden ist vermutlich ein anderer Stiefel - bei mir in dem Hinterherarbeiten aber leider das gleiche.