Araldwenn, 309 days ago


I've donated via PayPal, but I can't see in my profile that i'm a donator, nor have access to nightly builds.

I've tried to disconnect, but no change.

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    ticao2, 308 days ago

    When I Log in, the link to the Nightly Builds, just below Subscribed Topics, appears on the right side.

    I believe that your site status change has not yet been made. I think the process is not automatic.

    If it takes too long, email the administrator.
    See the data in this link



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    Araldwenn11, 300 days ago

    Well, i finally figured out what happened. My Paypal account and my Kvibes account don't have the same email adress. So I had to create a new account on Kvibes and now it works.

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    ticao2, 299 days ago