Doesn't pull the art automatically anymore

stefer, 9 days ago



I used to be able to click on a movie, select scrape, pick the right one from the list that popped up, and it would pull all the art for me.  Now it doesn't... I don't know what changed...  I have to click on each individual pieces of art and pick one by one.


Any ideas?



  • archer96, 9 days ago

    What scraper do you use? IMDB? :-)

  • stefer, 9 days ago

    No, I use the movie db.

  • archer96, 9 days ago

    Oh, ok. Could you please tell us:

     - What operating system are you using? (Windows/Mac/Linux)
     - Which exact MediaElch Version are you using? (Open MediaElch -> Info Button)
     - Does MediaElch crash? (happens on Windows if TheMovieDB can't be reached)

    TheTvDB appears to have difficulties with their server.  See:


  • stefer, 9 days ago

    Windows 10, Mediaelch 2.4.2

    No crashes, it just doesn't load the fan arts.  It just doesn't download them automatically, I have to click them one by one to download them.

    Oh and I only do movies, not tv shows