Different types of Scrapers?

Passwort, 26 days ago


During the menu, where I select what scraper I want to use, I don't see a possible entry "original language". But I prefer all movies to be listet and sorted by their original language.

Acually, I have mostly english spoken movie titels, followed by german ones and final a few foreign language titels. AFAIK, I have to scrape all movies in one language then remove the source, select the source of the other language and scrape again, and so on....

Isn't there a easier option?


Also, I can export my database, but how do I import an exported database? The import dialog ist something else....


Thanks and happy easter.


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    ticao2, 26 days ago

    I think there is no possibility of listing and ordering for the original title.
    I've never seen anything like it.
    I remember someone having made that request before.

    Doing the scraper in different languages I've never seen.
    I think a year ago someone made the same request.
    I suggested using MediaElch in the portable version.
    One for one language and one for another language.
    And a third consolidating everything, but not to do scraper.
    But the portable version only works on Windows. And he used OSX. And you use Linux Mint.

    With respect to import, it is not possible.
    Alias, considering the way MediaElch works, does not make sense.
    MediaElch only works if media exists.
    If you reload the data and the media does not exist, the data that does not exist is erased.