Concerts section: Allow more sorting options

ludi, 525 days ago

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First of all, thanks for the helpful MediaElch application.

Could you please have a look at the Concerts section and take the following suggestion into consideration?

The videos in the Concerts section are currently sorted according to their name. Unless the name of the video starts with the name of the artist, this sorting method results in having the the videos of the same artist spread around the list of the videos instead of having them grouped together.


- replacing the pane containing the list of the videos with a pane containing the following three columns: Artist, Album and Name (aka Title)
- having the column header act as a sorting button (for example similar to file browsers)

the user would have more options to sort the video files according to the tags he is using in the nfo files.

I have particularly people in mind, that have several one song video clips of an artist in the Concerts section. As MediaElch sorts these one song video clips according to the title of the song, the video clips of one artist currently are not grouped together.

Considering that the artist and album tags also contain pieces of information (if the videos are properly tagged), the sorting options of the 3-columns pane could make use of them.

Thanks in advance for taking the suggestion into account.