Changing artwork freezes app (2.21)

a51alias, 1149 days ago

Apologies if this has already been posted but I upgraded to 2.21 today and now after a rescrape and the wish to change some of the default choices of artwork, Clicking on the atwork to change it freezes the app. Killing the process is the only way out and I have left it for up to an hour to see if there is any app change.

Thanks for a great program but this bug has made it unusable for me now.


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    husky, 1145 days ago

    The same problem here. I have not find any solution yet.

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    husky, 1113 days ago

    I was successful. In my case it was the (stupid) firewall that caused the problems.

  • kamikaze2508, 723 days ago

    Same problem here. I'm using version 2.4.1, but I have this problem for some versions, since I installed MediaElch on Windows 10. I also use redirected AppData-Paths. The only Way for further use the Software is to push the ESC-Button on the Keyboard. It looks like the Popup-Window is opend but I can't see it. With push on ESC the popup window is closed and I can continue working.

    Any Ideas?