Bug with the picture Logo, Clear Art & Disc Art when multiple scrap of movies

dmatter, 834 days ago

  • MediaElch version : v 2.3.2 & v 2.4
  • Operating system : 2 PC Window 10 Pro
  • Used scraper : TMDB, French (all scraper in fr)
  • , exact search title you used, settings : (fr) all movies
  • Filenames and folder structures : all movies in the same folder & with ME tool rename (one movie /Folder)

when scrap a multiple movies, the pictures (Logo, Clear Art, Disc Art) are recorded shifted in movies

you must make a single movie at a time and then Register

  • Admin

    Komet, 834 days ago

    What do you mean with "recorded shifted"? Are the images stored for another movie or is maybe the logo saved as clearart? Do you use the option "Automatically save each movie after scraping"?


  • dmatter, 833 days ago

    the images (Logo, Clear Art and Disc Art) are stored for another movie.

    sorry, where is this option? "Automatically save each movie after scraping"?

    y have not this option in my MediaElch.