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Donator archer96, 17 days ago

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I would like to have an advanced settings tab/panel in the settings dialog. So that I don't have to add a XML-File which might be outdated at some point if newer MediaElch versions add more settings. :-)

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    ticao2, 16 days ago

    I like that idea.
    I'm a user of advancedsettings.xml
    That's because I use the MediaElch Portable version.
    Only with advancedsettings.xml file is this possible.

    Every time you save the settings dialog, the MediaElch.ini file is updated automatically.
    And in the MediaElch.ini file is the language setting (pt) of TMDb.
    As TMDb changed the rules, separated pt-PT from pt-BR, I do this manually in MediaElch.ini
    Every time I click save in Settings Dialog, my configuration is lost. And go to the first of the list, I think Bulgarian.

    Will there still be a way for me to do this modification, to put pt-BR instead of pt in the MediaElch.ini file?

    Will there be an option to export / import my configurations from the advancedsettings.xml file?

    I use three MediaElch in portable version, on the same desktop.
    For new movies, for movies I did not find subtitles, and for the collection.

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    archer96, 16 days ago

    I thought of mirroring the Advanced Settings tabs and the XML file. So that if you change something using the settings dialog, the XML file is changed as well. :-)

    Regarding your other problem: I forgot about that one. It "should" be easy to fix (but I have not looked into it, yet). We can continue in your thread:



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    ticao2, 14 days ago

    I have now seen Refactor AdvancedSettings; add example XML #405

    1. Do not forget to add the extension *.mk3d

    2. <forceCache> Maybe this is what follows:
    When we use the Portable version of MediaElch, the cache is done in the folder itself.
    > MediaElch will then store its settings, temporary files and caches in its application directory and not in standard locations based on your OS.
    Look here:

    3. I hope the Portable version is preserved.

    Thanks again

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    archer96, 14 days ago

    1. Good catch! I created a PR for that a week ago:
      But my new PR would overwrite those changes. I forgot that I had opened that PR.
      I updated my PR and added *.mk3d (also to the example XML).

    2. I don't really know what <forceCache> has to do with the portable version. Could you give me some more details? (I've only looked briefly into the source code to check what it means)

    3. Sure. My change only restructures the source document. It does not change MediaElch's behaviour (except for "useFirstStudioOnly"). :-)


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    ticao2, 14 days ago

    And there I go again.
    An absolute ignorant in programming, giving misguided guesses.
    But, rest assured, I just want to help.

    I found in 2 files, a reference to <forceCache>
    And in the same files, I found reference to cacheDir and imageCacheDir

    My suspicion is that this option <forceCache> modifies the address of the cache storage location.
    Usually the cache is stored in standard system directories.
    Look here:

    Temporary files, caches and the internal database are also stored in the default storage locations depending on your OS:

        OS X:  ~/Library/Application Support/kvibes/MediaElch/
        Linux: ~/.local/share/data/kvibes/MediaElch/
        Windows: C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\kvibes\MediaElch\

    With this change in the <forceCache> parameter, the storage is made to the MediaElch.exe directory.

    I hope this helps.