Adultdvdscraper do not work since a couple of weeks

yamifan, 292 days ago

I use this scaper for some time. The Scraper works good.

Last weekend i want scrape some new xxx movies and now scan the scraper no poster (cover) from site. archive movies has the same problem, the scraper doesn't work now

Has anyone the same problem and a reason for this? i installed no updates etc.



I use mediaelech newest version (Talax, 2.42.), Win7


  • highball, 290 days ago


    same issue here... Xubuntu 16.04.2

    Thanks and best regards.

  • highball, 279 days ago

    I have fixed it in sources, and adjusted the regexp for extracting the poster URL in ./scraper/AdultDvdEmpire.cpp:

    OLD: rx.setPattern("<a href=\"([^\"]*)\" id=\"front-cover\"");

    NEW: rx.setPattern("<link rel=\'image_src\' href=\"([^\"]*)\"");

    This is working for me...

  • highball, 234 days ago

    Now it is fully broken and does not find anything.