Add option next to each imported folder to activate and deactivate it

ludi, 700 days ago

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Since I have my movies, concerts, etc. separated in various folders (also based on the language), I am often adding and removing folders from the list containing the folders with the various media to scrape.

Would it be possible to add a checkbox next to each imported folder, for example to the right of the "Reload On Start" checkbox, so it is possible to quickly disable a folder instead of having to remove it from the list of imported folders. By having a quick way to enable and disable folders, it will also be more easy to determine what movie is located in what folder.

Thanks in advance for taking it into account.

Have a nice day.

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    ticao2, 700 days ago

    I suggest you use the MediaElch in "Portable Mode"

    I have or use 5 versions or facilities:

    1 For I am converting and torrent.
    1 For what did not think Legend
    2 for finished films. All OK.
    1 for documentaries, concerts, series and mini-series. All OK.

    You can have one for each language.

  • ludi, 694 days ago

    Thanks ticao2 for your suggestion. However, it seems that the portable mode is only available on windows, but I am using linux.