Absolute file path in Films settings

Starwer, 757 days ago

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I would like to save all the meta-data from my different movies in the same directory.

I see that now (thiswas not possible in the past, so thanks for the upgrade!), MediaElch can save the metadata (for example Nfo) in a subdirectory, relative to the movie file itself, provided that the directory already exists:

example:  _metadata_\NFO\<baseFileName>.nfo

Would it be possible to support absolute path ?

example:  C:\MovieData\NFO\<baseFileName>.nfo

Less important, but just even nicer, would it be possible to automatically create directory if it doesn't exist yet ?

example:  C:\MovieData\NFO\<baseFileName>\<baseFileName>.nfo

MediaElch has great potential, but I can't use it as-is. Such a feature would make my day.

  • wisnoskij, 713 days ago

    Ya, having to chose between accessing your movies from a file manager, without wadeing throug millions of info and poster files or using a media manager is a stupid decision to have to make. Why not just allow up to have a clean movie folder, and use ME, at the same time.