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Important Please read before posting bugs by Komet 0 29.01.2015 22:14
Changing artwork freezes app (2.21) by a51alias 27.03.2016 08:59
Crash on mac OS X El Capitan by macpowered 07.03.2016 20:36
not all concerts showing up under music videos by Marv 02.03.2016 09:08
No Guest Stars for tv episodes by pünktchen 05.02.2016 01:04
"<baseFileName>" - file naming tag not working for TV-Shows by elchuserx 11.12.2015 22:34
German "Umlaut" (ä,ö,ü) either in path or filename leads to issue that "Load Stream Details" isn't working (Streamdetails doesn't get info from file) by TimHansinger 10.12.2015 11:39
Bug with the picture Logo, Clear Art & Disc Art when multiple scrap of movies by dmatter 08.12.2015 08:59
Not all artists/Musicbrainz ID's picked up on scraping by beesmyer 06.11.2015 18:26
Slow response browsing music artist/albums by beesmyer 04.11.2015 14:21
scraping stopped working by lord_vader 26.10.2015 16:39