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Important Please read before posting bugs by Komet 0 29.01.2015 22:14
hd-trailers broken in latest nightly src by garretn 08.12.2016 20:53
tv filter crasing mediaelch by Sabre78 24.11.2016 09:55
Auflösungs Probleme by mc-gl 17.11.2016 19:02
IMDB actor's images too small by Mathemagier 13.11.2016 23:08
UI on high DPI monitors by P13 19.10.2016 17:06
IMDB studios not scraped and advancedsettings.xml issues by Marv 10.10.2016 09:25
v2.4.3-dev: only first two and last selected episodes during a multi-scrape receive a thumbnail by heldchen 01.10.2016 11:12
ME reads episode descriptions for english regardless of language settings by stefan.kah 22.09.2016 14:39
Folder rename moves folders instead of just renaming by chfilm 27.08.2016 11:27
documentation issue advancedsettings.xml by evilkate 07.08.2016 06:17